FALL 2021

Reserve your

spot now!

UPDATE: We are offering loyalty discounts to those who parked with us for Spring 2021.


Additionally, we have a limited number of new spots available. The early registration fee is $225 for new permits until August 13.


Please email Jess at ulwesleyministy@gmail.com to secure your spot with us. Before you pay anything, please email to confirm availability!


We offer parking spaces for $250 per semester.  We now take PayPal, Checks, Cards and Cash.  If using Credit, Debit or PayPal click the PayPal link below, it takes all these forms of payment.  If paying with a card or PayPal we charge $8 to cover the administrative fee.. Our lot is on General Gardner Avenue which is right across University Ave. from Martin Hall at UL Lafayette.


Here's how to get one of our spots.


1. Use the PayPal button on this page, and print and complete the PDF form. Bring the form and receipt to our office and we will give you your tag.  Our hours can be irregular so please email us to set a meeting time.

2. Email us at ulwesleyministry@gmail.com to set up a quick appointment. You'll come to the building at 238 General Gardner Avenue, fill out a form, and get your tag.  It's that easy!


Please be sure to park in our lot.  It has the "Wesley United Campus Ministry Parking Only" sign on the right side of the driveway and has a barn-like storage building towards the rear of the lot.  Our lot is NOT the gravel parking lot next to our building, it is very close to the Gray House.  The entrance is as pictured on General Gardner Avenue.  If you park in the gravel lot you will be towed, so please be careful!!

[Please pardon on progress as we try to stay as up-to-date as possible in these ever-changing times.]