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Thank You for considering UL Wesley today in your plan for giving!

Please know that every gift we receive helps us to continue our growth as a community of faith serving the students, faculty, and staff of the UL campus. Amidst the uncertain landscape of our UMC collective, and within this life in a time of pandemic, we have continued to extend God's message of love.  

The challenges that our students (that most of us) have faced are great and many, and yet we continue to journey onward each day. We have been given this amazing opportunity to uplift and support individuals through this unprecedented point in history.

Our prayer is one of gratitude for your prayers, gifts, and support. Please know that we could not reach our fullest potential without you.

May God bless you and keep you. Thank you so much.

[Please contact Jess with any questions you may have at or 337-235-6073.]

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